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Walking The Walk


As many of you know, all of our WHS Choir kids

have been participating in a recently launched fundraiser selling athletic shoes ( to raise money for the WHS choirs. The fundraiser is being hosted by a choir alumnus and the kids were off to a great start! Then tragedy struck at Borderline, followed by the Woolsey and Hill fires, greatly affecting and devastating our communities. Not surprisingly, our amazing kids immediately requested to continue fundraising, but to shift the focus to the victims of the Borderline Shooting and the victims of the Hill and Woolsey fires, and to give them 100% of all proceeds raised from their shoe sales. As such, we have contacted the Ventura County Community Foundation ( and they will give 100% of all proceeds from this fundraiser to the Borderline victims and the victims of the Hill and Woolsey fires, with absolutely no administrative or other fees taken out of the funds raised.

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